Alex Harston

PhD Student

Alex is a third year PhD student in the lab, funded by the Department of Bioengineering. His research focuses on using machine learning techniques to build a data-driven understanding of real-world human attention. He has a BSc in Neuroscience from the University of Edinburgh, and worked as a research assistant & developer prior to starting his PhD.

Research Brief

Alex works on developing data-driven methods to understand human attention in the real-world. His research interests lie in understanding the links between perception and action in real-world tasks, with a focus on developing computational approaches to predicting real-world visual saliency in natural tasks.

Lab Publications

Prior Publications

Cerebellar-Recipient Motor Thalamus Drives Behavioral Context-Specific Movement Initiation


Dacre, J., Colligan, M., Ammer, J., Schiemann, J., Clarke, T., Chamosa-Pino, V., Claudi, F., Harston, J.A., Eleftheriou, C., Pakan, J. Huang, C.C., Hantman, A., Rochefort, N. and Duguid, I.