Brain & Behaviour Lab

We pursue both basic science and translational work by reverse engineering the algorithms that drive brains and behaviour, and translating this understanding into technology that helps people.

Biological and behavioural variability contains important information that our brain and our technology can make use of (instead of just averaging it away). The brain knows about variability and uncertainty and it is linked to its own computations. We therefore use and develop statistical machine learning techniques, to analyse data and predict behaviour.

We are a highly cross-disciplinary lab, working between neuroscience, machine learning and data science to develop insight into the brain, and to develop neurotechnology to help impaired people.

Our research is organised into the following core themes

Human Ethomics

Studying neuroscience of brains and behaviour in the real-world (not a lab)

RL in Healthcare

Learning optimal clinical intervention from interaction data with patients


Augmenting neural interfaces with AI to link brains and machines

Human-Robot Interaction

Interfacing brains and machines to achieve real-time closed loop control.

Digital Biomarkers

Utilising sensors to analyse physiological markers of health and disease

Real-World Neuroscience

Analysing real-world neuroscience data gathered in natural behaviour experiments

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