Ali Shafti

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ali is a senior postdoctoral research associate at the Dept. of Computing. He runs the Robotics activities of the Brain and Behaviour Lab, where he conducts research on physical human-robot interaction and collaboration, with focus on explainability for trustworthy robotics. He has a PhD in Robotics from King's College London, where he focused on human in-the-loop physical human-robot interaction.

Research Brief

Ali studies the physical collaboration and interaction between humans and intelligent robots - or embodied AI. He looks into making these interactions intuitive and natural for increased synergy, and augmented capabilities on both sides, leading to explainable, trustworthy and productive human robot interaction. To this end, he implements machine intelligence in the context of robotics, while conserving the role of human intelligence as an essential part of the action/perception loop and the interaction. He researches methods in robotics, machine intelligence, and human behaviour analytics as well as ways to integrate the outcomes through human in the loop methods. He has applied these findings in different scenarios, including collaborative robots, assistive robots, and autonomous vehicles.

Lab Publications

Real-World Human-Robot Collaborative Reinforcement Learning


Shafti, Ali and Tjomsland, Jonas and Dudley, William and Faisal, A Aldo

arXiv preprint arXiv:2003.01156