Jyotindra Narayan

Postdoctoral Fellow

Jyotindra, a postdoctoral research associate, focuses on utilizing robot devices to assist individuals with neurological diseases in upper-extremity rehabilitation and control. His work encompasses conducting interactive experiments with healthy volunteers and clinical trials with patients, using robotic devices. He recently obtained his PhD in 2023 from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India. During his doctoral studies, he specialized in developing robust control schemes for a pediatric exoskeleton, specifically in passive-assist and active-assist modes. His research interests span across robot-aided physical rehabilitation, robust control algorithms, transformers, and movement data analysis.

Research Brief

Jyotindra’s research work lies is on the intersection of healthcare robotics, neurotechnology, and artificial intelligence, with the aim of assisting individuals with diseases. His research project revolves around creating innovative technologies that incorporate artificial intelligence, neurobehavioral data, robotic actuation methods, and human-robot interactions that can help ameliorate the conditions of patients. Currently, Jyotindra is actively involved in exploring transformer models to examine the potential synergy between muscle signals and joint kinematics in the human arm for activities of daily of living. This research has the potential to be translated into enhanced control mechanisms for orthotic and prosthetic devices.

Lab Publications