Max Grogan

PhD Student

Max is currently a 1st year PhD student in the Department of Bioengineering, funded by the Wellcome Trust. His research is focused on investigating the neural control of movement using machine learning and generative models of behaviour. He received a BSc in Biochemistry from King’s College London, and was a visiting student at the University of Pennsylvania.

Research Brief

His research concerns how the brain carries out motor control, in terms of both high level functions such as action planning and low level functions such as execution of individual movements. This involves using machine learning and generative modelling with real-word behavioural data to uncover structure in biological behaviour and in turn generate more realistic motor control in artificial agents.

Lab Publications

Predicting proprioceptive cortical anatomy and neural coding with topographic autoencoders


Kyle P Blum, Max D Grogan, Yufei Wu, Alex J Harston, Lee E Miller, Aldo A Faisal