Myura Nagendran

PhD Student

Myura is a first year PhD student funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). He has nearly 50 publications including papers in high impact clinical journals such as the BMJ, the Lancet and the Cochrane Database. Myura’s 2020 paper reviewing the design, reporting standards, and claims of deep learning studies in medical imaging was awarded Scientific Paper of the Year by AuntMinnie, a leading online radiology magazine. He is also a senior registrar in intensive care medicine and graduated from Cambridge and Oxford Universities.

Research Brief

Individualising therapeutic decisions in the intensive care unit is widely recognised as a priority for ensuring optimal patient care. Artificial intelligence clinical decision support systems (AI-CDSS) have the potential to improve both patient outcomes and the efficiency of healthcare delivery within intensive care. Professor Aldo Faisal, in conjunction with clinicians at Imperial College, has recently developed one such system known as the ’AI Clinician’ for intensive care patients with sepsis. Myura’s PhD seeks to investigate how we can best leverage this technology in the intensive care unit by investigating (i) explainability of the AI-CDSS to the clinician, (ii) adherence of the clinician to the AI recommendation and (iii) whether the AI-CDSS can incorporate an educational feedback tool for clinicians on how their decision making compares to peers.

Lab Publications