Pablo Ortega San Miguel

PhD Student

I am a 3rd year PhD student at FaisalLab where I develop machine learning methods for non-invasive brain computer interfaces and neuroimaging. I have recently developed a Convolutional Neural network method that improves the temporal and spatial resolution of functional near-infrared spectroscopy and is able to distinguish the different areas engaged during fast power-grasp task. I am also leading the development of a personalised brain computer interface for a tetraplegic user to compete in Cybathlon 2020 continuing work started in 2016.

Research Brief

My aim is to widen and improve the number of applications of non-invasive brain computer interfaces through the application of artificial intelligence. These methods enable the detection of very complex temporal and dynamic features of non-invasively recorded brain signals. The personalisation of such algorithms also enable people with tetraplegia and similar motor disabilities to control computers to assist them in their daily life.

Lab Publications