Renato Mio

PhD Student

Renato is a first-year PhD student with a focus on Human Augmentation. Previously, he finished an MSc in Biomedical Eng. at Imperial College London, UK, and a Bachelor in Mechatronics Eng. at Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

Research Brief

Renato’s current focus is on human augmentation through supernumerary robotic limbs. Specifically, he is studying how non-invasive neural interfacing combined with neurofeedback can be used to train humans to control individual motoneurons, and then use these signals as commands for external devices.

Lab Publications

Playing the piano with a robotic third thumb: assessing constraints of human augmentation


Ali Shafti, Shlomi Haar, Renato Mio, Pierre Guilleminot, A Aldo Faisal

Scientific Reports